Supplier Delays

Due to the current pandemic, we are experiencing some delays with a number of our products. 
To ensure we can give you the best service possible, we would encourage you to give us a call ahead of placing your order, to ensure that we can meet your expectations.

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Bathing Aids/Bath Lifts

Bathing Aids/Bath Lifts

Bath lifts are a battery powered lift designed to lower you down to the bottom of the bath for the 'full bathing experience' including one which reclines, the ones we stock are very robust and reliable. The intelligent handsets supplied with our lifts won't let the lift go down if there isn't enough charge to rise back up again - a really useful feature ensuring you aren't stuck!

Other bathing aids include inflatable cushions, long handled sponges, clamps to hang onto when getting in or out, and steps which also help getting in and out.

Call in, ring us, or email through the website to discuss your requirements.

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