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Electric Profiling Beds

Electric Profiling Beds

An electric profiling bed is a specially designed electric bed that can be adjusted, by means of a handset, to help satisfy the specific needs of the user. The mattress platform of an electric profiling bed is divided into sections to allow areas of the bed to be positioned at different heights and angles, depending on the requirements for posture, comfort and differing activities. The user may spend a considerable amount of time in the bed, so electric adjustment to allow a TV position, a comfortable sleeping position, or other requirement can be essential.

Most electric profiling beds have height adjustment, to allow ease of entry and exit from the bed, whilst also aiding carers with their duties, and are available in a variety of specifications. When selecting a bed it is important to consider the specific needs of the individual to ensure that the appropriate profiling bed is chosen. 

Decide what size of bed you need and if deciding on a double bed, whether you would like it to be split (dual). Dual adjustable beds allow you to control one side of the bed while your partner controls the other side, thus enabling one person to sit up while the other lies down. Double beds which are not split have one mattress rather than two and require that both people be in the same position.

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