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Portable 4mph Scooters

Portable 4mph Scooters

4 mph scooters come in a number of guises, some classed as portable boot scooters, which typically dismantle into 5 easily managed pieces for transportation and storage, excellent for those days out, increasing mobility, and bringing a whole new world within reach. Pavement scooters, a 4 mph scooter not designed to be portable, but designed for local use where their compact size ensures ease of use when shopping in a supermarket for example, they also tend to have larger batteries allowing more range before a recharge is needed. Other 4 mph scooters fold into a suitcase size, these are discussed on our site under "folding suitcase scooters" category.

There are different types of scooter, as defined by the DVLA. 4 mph scooters are Class 2

Class 2 scooters These can be driven on pavements and in shopping areas. They should be driven no faster than 4mph.

Boot or travel scooters  These 4 mph scooters are also class 2 scooters, and the most popular types of scooter sold in the UK. You can pack them into a car boot by folding or dismantling them. This can be useful if you want to take your scooter with you for a day out. You can only drive them on pavements, not roads (unless there is no pavement). 


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