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Wide Fitting Slippers

Unisex - suitable for those with swollen feet

Velcro across both sides of front and back


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These slippers provide the comfort which you need when your feet are swollen.  They have twin velcro from the top of your foot to the toe allowing very easy access.  They also have velcro at both sides on the back to give extra space if needed.  Will open nearly flat so, with the minimum of movement they can be easily placed under your foot and the velcro straps will wrap around.  They are available in two colours which are burgundy and black.  They are available in most sizes.  The burgundy ones are available from sizes 3 to size 8. The black ones are available from size 8 to size 12.  These are a very popular product so are subject to availability in store. Material may change from time to time.

Many of the shoes and slippers which we stock have extension straps and are tailored to our customers who may have swollen feet who are unable to buy shoes or slippers anywhere else in Beverley.  We offer a "sale or return within seven days service" for those customers who are not able to get into the shop to try on shoes or slippers.  Come in and try so that you make sure that you buy the right width, height and depth for your feet.

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