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Folding "Suitcase" Scooters

Folding "Suitcase" Scooters

Folding suitcase scooters are so called because they typically fold into a suitcase size, are of a similar weight and can be wheeled around, just like a suitcase! 

Various brands of folding suitcase scooters are available, we typically stock the TGA Minimo range, and the Monarch Smarti, some being a manual fold, whilst others fold themselves through a remote control. 

The benefits of a folding suitcase scooter are its storage size, so it can easily be stored in a cabin if you go on a cruise for example, and likewise the amount of space taken up in you car is less than that taken up by conventional boot scooters.

Whilst one reasonably fit person can lift a folding suitcase scooter, we tend to advise either pivoting the scooter over a piece of carpet into the boot, or two people lifting it in. Other options include a hoist, be it fixed to the car, or portable. So there is always a solution to any given situation. 

Folding suitcase scooters are typically Class 2, 4 MPH scooters, and are designed for pavement use only (they can be used on the road where there is no pavement)  Class 2 folding suitcase scooters do not need registering with the DVLA.

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