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TGA Vita E

Reliable, stylish and easy to use

It’s strong and stable enough to handle most terrains, but slender and agile enough to negotiate tight spaces and crowded places.

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TGA Vita E

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                          TGA Vita E

                          Reliable, stylish and easy to use

                          The TGA Vita E

                          Comfortable, well equipped, stylish and incredible value for money, the Vita E is one of the most technically advanced and user-friendly scooters on the market today. It offers great flexibility at an affordable price, meaning it is well within reach.

                          Whether travelling around town or exploring the country, the Vita E Mobility Scooter is a great choice. It’s strong and stable enough to handle most terrains, but slender and agile enough to negotiate tight spaces and crowded places. With a popular, classic design and modern yet recognisable style elements all maintained in this modern new-look scooter, it’s as stylish as it is practical. The Vita E also comes with a range of great user-friendly features and personalisation options that will make it an extremely popular and timeless choice.

                          Reliable, stylish and easy to use, every journey no matter the day will be an absolute pleasure. The Vita E covers the ground with an ease and confidence seen rarely before, so you can be sure that your journey will be a pleasant one.

                          Package includes: Brand new grade 'A' scooter, latest model, fully assembled, 2 year warranty, 1 months insurance, 1 months breakdown cover, rear shopping bag (with stick holders if required) part exchange welcome, local delivery (60 miles) and full dealer support 

                          Please note this scooter is available to order, however we do not stock one. Please allow 3 to 4 working days for delivery if ordering.

                          Agility and Speed

                          The Vita E Mobility Scooter is a sleek model, perfect for towns and busy places. With a slender wheelbase to help negotiate through tight spaces, and full all-round suspension to ensure that your drive is a comfortable one, navigating busy streets and twists and turns has never been easier.

                          This 8mph scooter is a streamlined, contemporary model that offers unrivalled value, and with its range of up to 28 miles from a single charge, it’s perfect for anyone who wants to take longer trips, use their scooter for long periods of time, or use it for short trips multiple times a day. A Heavy duty battery upgrade will increase the range by up to 25%.

                          This easy-to-manoeuvre Vita E mobility scooter can be controlled by anyone and with the ability to work up a 17% gradient with a 7cm general ground clearance, the Vita E is the perfect scooter for new and seasoned users alike.

                          This 66cm wide, 137cm long scooter is an agile model, making it easy to move through towns and busy streets. Plus, with the full suspension and pneumatic tyres, it is just as good in more rural settings as well.


                          Despite its affordable price, the Vita E scooter definitely doesn’t lack clever features to make your journey better. Its rear-seat pocket for storage means that the Vita E Mobility Scooter won’t leave you feeling cluttered or short on space, creating a more comfortable and efficient journey. The full-suspension and pneumatic tyres make for a smooth ride over most terrains and give you the reassurance that your scooter will withstand tougher terrains and live out its 2 year standard warranty, and beyond.

                          The ergonomic seat ensures that you’ll have a comfortable trip no matter how far you go. Whether you’re popping to the shops or taking this 8mph scooter to the limit of its 28-mile range, you’re guaranteed to have a heavenly trip. The support and comfort that it offers you only serves to make this scooter even better value for money - and all at an affordable price.


                          With a maximum user-weight of 22st, the Vita E Mobility Scooter is the perfect feature-heavy scooter for any user. This sleek, modern scooter is available in metallic bronze or glossy black, giving you a subtle but stylish look. The 28-mile range from a single charge (standard batteries) makes it possible for you to take full advantage of this adaptable, stylish scooter that fits any and every terrain and location. The HD Battery upgrade increases maximum range to 35 miles.

                          The 24v 750 watt motor is powered by two 12v, 50ah batteries that are easily rechargeable as standard, ensuring you a powerful, comfortable ride up to 8mph, and with the pneumatic tyres and full all-round suspension, the Vita E Mobility Scooter can handle any terrain.

                          This foldable model features a rear-seat pocket and plenty of additional storage options, making storage easy and manageable for any user. 

                          The standard swivel-seat and headrest are featured in this design too, so you won’t be missing out on any of the standard but essential features on any of our other models either. With our two-year warranty to boot, you can be reassured of a comfortable, user-friendly experience with our Vita E model.

                          Available in a choice of two colours: Metallic Bronze or Gloss Black


                          Top Speed 8mph
                          Max User Weight 22 stone (140kg)
                          Range 28 miles with standard batteries (Up to 25% increase with HD batteries option)
                          Length 54" (137cm)
                          Overall Width 26" (66cm)
                          Overall Weight 117kg (258lbs)
                          VAT Exempt Yes

                          Available to order, normally 2 - 3 working days


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