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Slimline Outdoor Stairlift

Have full safe access to your garden

Eliminate the chance of falling on those garden steps

Slimline Outdoor Stairlift

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                          Slimline Outdoor Stairlift

                          Have full safe access to your garden

                          The Brooks Slimline Outdoor Stairlift

                          The original stairlift manufacturers, and they're made here in Yorkshire.

                          Love your garden but fear the steps leading to it? It’s a common problem as we age – and there’s a simple solution that protects your safety and lets you keep enjoying all of your home.

                          In its simplest form, a stairlift is a chair that climbs up and down steps on a motorised rail attached to the steps. The most important reason to choose a stairlift for your home is the comfort it will give both you and your family and friends. Imagine: You’ll never again have to worry about a painful fall on your garden steps or being unable to reach help by phone when you need it most.

                          Our slimline range of stairlifts, sometimes called chair lifts, gives you back safe and secure access to your entire home and garden again. Whether you’re concerned about a dangerous fall on your garden steps or simply need a little extra help getting up and down, you’re just like millions of other ageing Brits today. Stairlifts eliminate the fears and anxiety associated with navigating your steps. The slimline lift also allows others to access and use the steps safely. 

                          With lots of safety features as standard: At the top of the steps you push a lever and swivel the chair away from the steps, allowing weight to be put on the armrests to help get up, and should there be a fall, it's back into the chair and not down the steps. There are sensors on the edges of the footrest, and the main carriage, so if there is anything on the steps (plant, trowel, dog or cat for example) the lift comes to a stop until the hazard is removed.

                          The lift is simple to operate, with a lever on the end of each armrest, just push in the direction you wish to go. The smooth start and stop technology ensures a comfortable ride, each time, every time. In the event of a power-cut the lift can still be used quite a number of times, so you won't be stuck.

                          The lift also comes with two remote controls, so you can summon the lift to the level you're on, or send up the gardening tools or plants!

                          We offer a free, no obligation survey of your outdoor space and we can normally give you a quote immediately. Should you wish to proceed, the installation normally takes place within 7 working days. 

                          Brooks stairlifts, sometimes called chair lifts, are designed to suit your individual home and life style, and are engineered here in the UK with a range of features that make them safe and simple to use.

                          Package includes: Brand new installation, 1 year parts and labour warranty, 24/7 hotline emergency number.

                          Extended warranties available

                          Free no obligation survey, call and see us today for a brochure, or ring us for an appointment. 


                          • Powered by mains rechargeable batteries
                          • Safety sensors
                          • Key lockable on / off switch
                          • A digital diagnostic / status display
                          • Seat belt
                          • Easy to use directional paddle
                          • Slim fold up seat, footrest and armrest
                          • Swivel seat
                          • 2 Remote controls
                          • Waterproof cover

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